The Keep v2.0

Organizing game notes has never been this easy!

The Keep v2.0 - What's New

Tabbed Interface
Now you can have more than one topic open at a time. Easily switch between topics like you would between tabs in a web browser.

Multiple Databases
Want to keep notes for different campaigns separate? Want to have a separate database for your fiction writing? The Keep now lets you create multiple databases, which you can switch between with ease.

Revision Tracking
With Revision Tracking, you can maintain a history of your notes, and even revert to back to older versions of a topic if you'd like. Revisions can also be tracked for maps, images, character sheets, and custom topic types.

Word Processor Improvements
The integrated word processor now supports different bullet and list styles. Also, Hyperlinks can be edited.

Document Generation
You can now save all your notes as a single document. The Keep can save your notes in either Rich Text Format (.rtf) or HTML.

E-Book Creation
You can also now create an EPUB formatted E-Book for use on e-readers, be they dedicated e-readers such as the Nook, or reading apps on tablets.

Character Sheets
Character Sheets have vastly improved performance, allowing for much faster updates after a change is made.

Custom Topic Types (HTML Plugins)
Sure, notes, images, and maps are handy, but what if you'd like to have some other type of topic? Custom topic types can now be created for The Keep. Custom topics are created with HTML and JavaScript - so anything that can be done in a web page can be made into a custom topic. Even if you are not creating them, a new package format for The Keep makes installing custom topics created by others a breeze.

Support for Inspiration Pad Pro 3.0 generators
The Keep has been upgraded to use the latest Inspiration Pad Pro 3.0 engine, allowing for generators to use all the latest features.

And many more improvements Including more printing options, custom topic icons, topic arranging arrows, and more.

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