Real-Time Virtual Table Top

Across the table... or across the world!

Skwyre - Real-Time Virtual Table Top

Preview Edition #3 (September 2017)

Like a warrior of old, take a trusty Skwyre with you into battle! Skwyre is a new real-time virtual table top designed for both at-table and online gaming.

This third Preview release features many interface improvements, including:
  • An all new dice roller that saves recent dice rolls
  • A redone drawing tools palette
  • The ability to archive and reload maps
  • Grid snapping for minis
  • Snapped drawing for hex grids
  • Right-click support in the desktop edition (Win/Linux/MacOS)
  • ...and many smaller GUI improvements


  • Real-time, shared battle maps. See the map change instantly as minis are dragged across the table top or as the GM draws on it.
  • Supports multiple campaigns
  • Multiple maps per campaign, easily switch between them
  • Upload your own maps, textures, and miniatures.
  • Integrated chat for online gaming, featuring markdown styling and dice rolling
  • Map annotations and text, for marking notes and on the fly map drawing. Annotations include lines, circles, arrows, measuring tool, and text.
  • Supports touch-based devices, great for tablets!
  • Fully hosted service, no firewall headaches
  • SSL encryption. Your connection to the Skwyre server is secure and private.
  • Available for Windows (64 bit), OSX (64 bit), Linux (64 bit), Android. (iOS following)