Real-Time Virtual Table Top

Across the table... or across the world!

Skwyre - Real-Time Virtual Table Top


Download the Preview Edition #3 (September 2017) of Skwyre and get gaming!

If you had installed a prior preview edition, we recommend uninstalling that previous version first before installing this new release.

This is a Preview Edition, and should be considered beta testing software. The purpose of this Preview Edition is to test out that the basics of the platform are working correctly.

  • You may encounter bugs, strange behaviors, and/or server outages
  • This preview edition only contains minimal low quality graphics resources for minis and backgrounds (though you can upload your own)
  • This preview edition may not be compatible with the final release

Download Links

Windows 64-bit
Windows Installer, digitally signed

OSX 64-bit
DMG File. Mount the DMG file to install application

Linux 64-bit (DEB)
DEB Package for Ubuntu/Mint/Debian

.APK file, you'll need to enable non-Google Play apps. You should uninstall the previous Preview release before installing this one.

iOS (eventually)
iOS version to be available for final release (iOS has no simple way to distribute beta software outside their store)