ScreenMonkey Tips for Players
  1. Remember - your GM can see everything in chat, even whispers to other players!
  2. Being familiar with the chat commands will get the game up and running quicker. Type "/?" (without the quotes) in chat for the list of commands, or click the 'chat help' link in the chat window.
  3. When starting a game, keep the chit-chat to a minimum. It's hard enough for the GMs to organize an online game - help them out!
  4. Learn about and use the clipboard commands in chat. They'll save you a lot of typing!
  5. You can embed dice rolls in chat text by wrapping the dice with curley braces, such as "I attack the troll, rolling {1d20+5} to hit".
  6. Lastly, Be patient. Online gaming moves at a slower pace than face to face gaming. Be patient, and wait until the GM asks for you to move or act
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