Latest News

Updated NOX map sharing area
(07-28-2021) We've updated the NBOS Online Exchange (NOX) site for sharing maps and other program resources. You can now use it with your NBOS account. Check it out!

Coming soon - AstroSynthesis Web Viewer
(03-17-2021) Here's a sneak peak video for the upcoming AstroSynthesis Web Viewer, which will let you easily share your 3d star maps with your players and readers.

New NBOS accounts
(03-05-2021) We've set up a new account system to allow you to log-in and easily view & re-download any purchases made from our site. You can sign up by selecting My Account from the website menu.

Update to The Keep v2.0
(10-20-2020) There's a new general update available for The Keep v2.0. This update includes an integrated PDF viewer, which fixes problems some users were having with the previous Adobe viewer requirement. You can grab the update by selecting Help -> Check for Updates from the program menu.

Brushfire Relief Charity Bundles from
(01-17-2020) For a limited time, is featuring product bundles, with all proceeds going to Australian brushfire relief charities. We've made The Keep v2.0 available in the "Capes, Grit, and Gunsmoke". So if you've been interested in checking out The Keep, this is a great way to get your world building and campaigns organized, all while helping a great cause!

Bitcoin now accepted
(01-24-2019) The NBOS store now accepts Bitcoin for purchases. As with other payment methods, software is available for download immediately after purchase. Link to our Bitcoin ordering page can be found on the ordering page.

New Globe Viewer for Fractal Mapper
(09-14-2018) A new version of the Globe Viewer for Fractal Mapper and Fractal World Explorer that is designed to work better with newer video drivers is now available. The installer will automatically configure FM and FWE to use it. Grab it here.

Product Spotlight

Fractal Mapper 8.0

Fractal Mapper is a high-powered mapping system that lets gamers create many different types of maps - dungeons, continents, cities, and more!

AstroSynthesis 3.0

The universe is in 3D, so why map it in 2D? Use AstroSynthesis, NBOS's revolutionary star mapping system for sci-fi gamers, authors, and space buffs!

The Keep 2.0

Organizing game notes has never been this easy! Use The Keep to organize and track all your gaming information. Use it for your campaign notes, campaign logs, maps, handouts,... all the information you need to track for a successful campaign!

Skwyre Virtual Table Top

Skwyre is a real-time virtual table top designed for both at-table and online gaming. Available for Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Android.

Inspiration Pad Pro 3.0 (Free)

Inspiration Pad Pro is a program you can use to generate all sorts of things for your campaign. Generate names, town information, encounters, treasures - you name it!