Wiki FAQ

What is a Wiki?

A Wiki is a collaborative, hyperlinked document.  Any member of NBOS Online Exchange can edit the pages within this wiki, or even create new ones.  The goal is to create an extensive resource that users of Fractal Mapper, AstroSynthesis, and other programs by NBOS can turn to for information, tips, and techniques.

Editing or Adding Pages

The strength of the Wiki concept is that anyone can contribute.  To edit or add a page, you first need to be logged in to NBOS Online Exchange (aka, NOX).  Use the registration code and access code provided to you when you registered your copy of Fractal Mapper, AstroSynthesis, or ScreenMonkey (commercial) to log into NOX.  Once you are logged into NOX, when you view topics in this wiki, you will see an 'Edit' link at the top of each page (other than the main page).  To edit a page, just click that link.  To add a new page, click the 'New Article' link up in the Navigation box (on the top right).

Adding Links

To add links within an article, type the text you want displayed for the link in the article, then select the text, and click the 'Insert/Edit Link' button on the toolbar.  You will be prompted for the url to link to.  You can link to either wiki topics or external web pages.  

If you specify a wiki topic that does not exists, it will be created the first time you click through the link.  When creating a new link in this manner, you do not have to enter the same text as the new link as is selected in the editor.  Use short, simplified names for topics when entering them as links.  The display title for a topic is edited seperately, and can be more detailed.

Adding Images

Images can be placed into articles in this wiki.  Images can be hosted on an outside server (such as flickr) or uploaded and stored on the NBOS server.  To add an image to an article, click the 'Insert/Edit image' toolbar button in the editor.

Testing in the sandbox

This wiki includes several 'sandboxes'.  These are topics that are set aside for testing purposes.  When first starting to edit articles in the wiki, you can use the sandbox to become familiar with the editor, making links, and the image upload process.

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