General NBOS FAQ

Can I publish maps made with Fractal Mapper?

Yes, generally you can. See the NBOS Software publishing policy for details.

I lost my registration codes - can you send the to me?

NOX features a registration code retrieval page. Just click the Downloads tab above, and then the 'forgot your reg code' link.

If that doesn't work, we should be able to retrieve your codes if you registered the software so that we have your information on file. Just contact technical support and ask. Be sure to include your name. It also never hurts to include the name of the retailer you purchased the program from, and an approximate date. Also, if you're email has changed, be sure to include what your old email address was.

I had a hard drive crash - can you replace the software I purchased via download?

Most likely yes.  

If you purchased from RPGNow, DriveThruRPG, or, the easiest thing to do is go back to the store you purchased from, log back in to your account there, and re-download from the same link that was provided at the time you purchased the software.  These stores maintain the download links to the products you purchased for quite a while for just this purpose.

If you purchased from a different online retailer, or for some reason the above doesn't work, you can contact NBOS's support and we can try to retrieve a download link here.  We can only do this if you registered your software after purchase.  Not every retailer sends us buyer information when a downloaded purchase is made, so unless you register we have no means by which to connect a purchase record with a person.


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