Fractal Mapper Common Problems

The program crashes whenever I select an item in the menu
Applies to: FM8
This can occur if certain theming software is installed.  See this topic for more information.

The program locks up when using a Custom Tool or Inspiration Pad
Applies to: FM7, FM8, AS2, SM
This is due to the MS Script Debugger being active.  See this topic for more information.

Why do objects with a pattern fill have a reddish tint?
Applies to: FM 7.01a through FM7.01b
This applies to Fractal Mapper v7.0.  Windows XP Service Pack 2 introduced a minor incompatibility when it updated one of the operating system's graphics dlls.  Download and apply one of the Fractal Mapper 7 updates from 7.01c or later.

I'm getting a 'License File is Missing or Incorrect' error message after I downloaded an update.
Applies to: All
This typically means that the update was not applied correctly.  See the license file topic for more information.

Symbols arent showing up in the symbol palette
Applies to: FM 8.01a
On certain machines, if certain advanced file attributes are applied to files and directories, the symbols won't display in the symbol palette.  The Fractal Mapper 8.01b update fixes this problem.

Is there any way to get Fractal Mapper 8.0 to run under Windows 2000?
Applies to: FM 8.01
Yes - changes were made to the Fractal Mapper 8.01b update to allow FM to run under Windows 2000.

Why am I getting an 'Autoexec.NT' error message when I try to run the  FM installer 
Applies to: All
This is problem occurring at the operating system level (usually a virus), and not a problem with the FM installer.  See this topic for more information.

Can I run Fractal Mapper 8.0 run on Linux using Wine?
Applies to: FM 8.0x
Yes.  Follow the How-To posted to the Wine Application DB by Göran Uddeborg:

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