Disabling Hardware Graphics Accelleration in Windows

Many problems that cause error messages when AstroSynthesis runs are related to the video drivers and their support for hardware based graphics accelleration.  When you encounter error messages relating to access violations or 'PixelFormat' errors, you should try disabling hardware accelleration.  This will cause Windows to fall back to software-only rendering of the 3D scenes in Astro.

To do this, right click on the Windows desktop and select 'properties'. This opens the Window's display settings window. Click on the 'Settings' tab, and then click the 'advanced' button. This opens another a window that controls monitor and video card settings. Click on the 'troubleshoot' tab. On that tab there should be a slider. Move that all the way to the left. Press ok, and restart Astro. 

Once this is done, try to duplicate the problem you had been seeing.  This will tell you if its a driver issue or not.

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