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Welcome to the NBOS Software wiki - a user editable, collaborative document where you can find and contribute information about using NBOS's products.

General Information

General NBOS FAQs
For questions regarding NBOS's publishing policy, etc. 

NBOS Online Exchange (NOX) FAQs 
For information relating to uploading files and other features of NOX.

Wiki FAQ
What is a Wiki? What can I do with it?

Editing FAQ
Information about how to apply formatting to wiki articles, how to create links, how to include images, etc.

Fractal Mapper

Common Problems and Solutions
"License File Incorrect" Error, Red tint with fills, etc.

Tutorials and Techniques
How to create different types of maps, use special effects, etc.

Scripting Clinic
Creating plugin-ins using the GoblinAPI


Common Problems and Solutions
What to do if you experience 'PixelFormat' or other OpenGL errors, etc.

Astronomical Resources
Information resources that may be of use to AstroSynthesis users.

Spinward Marches Mapping
Notes on mapping project of the Spinward Marches.


Troubleshooting Connection Problems
Various tips on how to open a connection on your network to allow incoming connections to reach ScreenMonkey.

Other ScreenMonkey Problems
For non-connection related problems.

Fractal World Explorer

Inspiration Pad Pro

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