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Jörðgarð Map of the Week #442 - Forest Cut Village
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Map of the Week No. 442 is from the forthcoming Jörðgarð Trails adventure "A Tale of 2 Books." The PCs' journey through the vampire-ued North Kingdom continues with the village Forest Cut, ruled by the vampire Count Květoslav.

Key to the Map:

A. Military Garrison. The "island" fortress is the base for 80 ducal soldiers and their commander, the female human Boženka, The guard tower on the road to the south is a part of the complex.

B. Castle Complex. The second "island" is the site of Count Květoslav's castle complex. The grounds are guarded closely by crews of 8 soldiers from the garrison. The population includes the vampire count and his first minister, the male human Jožánek.

C. Orchards.

D. Fruit Processing Plant. The plant belongs to the Forest Cut Fruit Growers Cooperative. It makes fruit conserves, fills barrels with fruit juice and cider and makes other fruit products which are sold through the kingdom.

E. Brewers' Mill. The owners of the two taverns and the inn have formed a Brewers Union that runs this mill, which processes local barley and hops for brewing purposes. The mill is powered by an oxen-driven treadmill. The master miller is Johanka, a female human.

F. Grain Mill. Forest Cut's largest windmill belongs to Master miller Julek, a male human. He, his wife Ivuška, and their three daughters run the mill together.

G. Sawmill. Miller Jukek's brother, the bachelor and master sawyer Bořek, a male human, owns and op-erates the windmill-powered sawmill.

H. Wainwright. The widow Běla, a female human, builds Forest Cut's wagons, carts and wheelbarrows.

I. Slaughterhouse. Master Butcher Miloslav, a male human, owns and operates the town's only slaughter-house and butcher shop.

J. Butcher. Miloslav of the slaughterhouse also owns and operates the butcher shop. On most days, he has a small amount of fresh meat and sausage, but most of what he produces is smoked or packed in brine. The Kamilova transport the smoked and cured goods to other destinations. Miroslav's wife, Janinka runs the butcher shop. Miloslav seldom is seen there.

K. Smithy. Liborek, a male human, is the master smith. He does all types of blacksmith work. Liborek is not a weaponsmith. He will repair weapons if necessary, but without a guarantee that they will be restored to their original quality.

L. Chandler. Adina, a female human, is Forest Cut's master candlemaker. Adina buys her tallow from the rendering plant southwest of Forest Cut (off the map).

M. Farm.

N. Joiner. Master Joiner Honziček, a male human, makes furniture for all of the southeastern part of the kingdom.

O. Cooper. Master Cooper Ilja, a male human, is the kingdom's only barrel maker. The Kamilova transport his barrels to all corners of the North Kingdom.

P. Carpenter. Master Carpenter Růženka, a female human, is Forest Cut's construction master when it comes to wood.

Q. Kamilova Complex. The Forest Cut station is a way station along the main route and not a major Kami-lova facility. The manager is the female human Drahoslava.

R. Bakery. The products of Master Baker Oleg, a male human, are known throughout the southeastern part of the North Kingdom. In this building, Oleg bakes bread, buns, fresh rolls and the like for consumption in Forest Cut and environs. One can buy baked goods in the store here, but Oleg's main local sales are through his stand on the main market square (Location e).

S. Baked Goods. This part of Oleg's complex is what makes the baker known throughout the southeast-ern part of the kingdom. The ovens here turn out "hard" bakery – cookies, crackers and the like. Oleg is the only baker in the southeastern part of the kingdom who bakes such goods. The Kamilova transport these items in all directions. The complex also includes a warehouse for raw materials.

T. Communal Brewery. The brewery is owned jointly by the town's two taverns and inn. Each of the has two brewing days a week. They send their own brewwives to the brewery. The brewing fees cover mainte-nance of the facility and the salary of manager Klárinka, a female human merchant, and her employees.

U. Farmers' Produce Packing. The plant is owned and operated by the Forest Cut Farmers' Cooperative, which is headed by the male human Aleš. It not only packs non-perishable and semi-perishable crops and grains for transportation, but it also is a canning factory. Its products are sold throughout the southeastern North Kingdom. The coop works closely with the Fruit Growers Cooperative, which owns Fruit Growers Transportation. It in turn transports the coop's products to their end destinations.

V. Fruit Growers Packing. The plant is owned and operated by the Forest Cut Fruit Growers' Cooperative, which is headed by the female human Katuška. It not only packs fruit for transportation, but it also is a canning factory. Its products are sold throughout the southeastern North Kingdom. The coop owns Fruit Growers Transportation, which transports the coop's products to their end destinations.

W. The House of Healing. The house is home to Záviš, a human male who is said to be the best at his craft in all the North Kingdom. Záviš works alone.

X. Hungry Hills Tavern. The tavern is the favorite watering hole of all but the richer locals (who dine at the inn). Customers are served on two floors. The tavern serves customers on two stories. It is owned by the female human Kačena. It has six relatively simple guest rooms on the 3rd story. Kačena's sister, Gizela, a female human, is the brewwife. Kačena tends the bar personally.

Y. Gold Coin Inn. The inn is the main hostelry in Forest Cut, however, its public room is on the expensive side. Matýsek, a human male merchant, is the owner and innkeeper. His wife, Aneta, a human female artisan, is the brewwife. The inn has public guest rooms and another six that always are reserved for Kamilova teamsters. The complex consists of the main inn building on the southwest side of the grounds, the brewhouse on the northwest side and a woodshed and outhouse on the eastern side. The main inn complex includes a stall on its north side.

Z. Dark Night Tavern. The smallest tavern in Forest Cut also tends to draw the most dubious customers … ne'er-do-well types, the pickpocket and thief or two who have eluded the watch to date and laborers who lead disgruntled lives. The tavernkeep, Mireček, a male human who once was a member of the ducal army, one who was ignored when it was time for promotions, works the beer tap.

a. Osamu's Saddles. The male human Osamu runs this tack shop, selling saddles, sad-dle bags, stirrups, feed bags, reins, harnesses and just about any other kind of tack one might imagine. He works alone.

b. Adriankas Krám Adrianka's General Store. Adrianka, a female human and widow, runs the general store that her late husband inherited. For a store in a small town in the vampire kingdom, she has a sur-prisingly wide selection of the goods used by locals but little but the basics when it comes to travelers' sup-plies. Behind the building are an outhouse and a storage shed.

c. Igorek's Footwear. The town's shoemaker is the cobbler Igorek, a male human.

d. Seamstress Božka. The female human Božka, a master seamstress, is a clothier for men, women and children. Behind the shop are a firewood stack, an outhouse and a small storage shed.

e. Market Square.

f. Fruit Growers Transportation. This complex belongs to the Forest Cut Fruit Growers Cooperative. The main building is a warehouse. On its south side are a wagon house, a stable for the draught horses, storage sheds and an outhouse.

g. Town Hall. This is the seat of Burgomaster Jitunka, a human female, and of the town administration.

h. Produce Packing. The Forest Cut Fruit Growers Cooperative packs fruit for shipping in this complex.

i. Kiln. Charburner Vendelin, a male human, makes everything from bricks to clay pots for this part of the kingdom. The Kamilova teamsters bring firing clay into town, which is piled high behind the kiln. The complex includes the outdoor oven and drying and storage shed.

Beyond the town: There is a rendering operation and a tannery just northeast (upwind) of town.

You can get this map in two versions:

1. The editable Fractal Mapper (TM) 8 version in FMP format (97 MB) from the Jörðgarð website.

2. As a JPG flat map of 1360 x 1020 Pixels (620 KB) with the hyperlink below.

Both versions are released for personal and commercial use under the Open Game License Version 1.0a, which you can read on the Jörðgarð website at:


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