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ScreenMonkey 1.7 Updater
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Date Added:
This is the latest version of the full commercial edition of ScreenMonkey. This is an updater which will update an existing ScreenMonkey installation. If you manually changed any of the HTML templates used by the program, you'll want to back those up first before installing this.

Alternatively, an updated full installer is available by logging into your RPGNow.com/DriveThruRPG.com account and re-downloading the updated installer.

This program will not be functional if you are not a registered owner of ScreenMonkey. It requires licensing information that is included in the full commercial edition's installer.

New features in 1.7h include handouts, updates to the chat interface, and new sound commands.


SM 1.7h
- The chat entry is now a multi-lined entry, allowing for longer text. Pressing 'Enter' submits text. Use Ctrl-Enter to insert a line break.
- Sound support is now available in the Lite edition. Use the /sound command to play an installed sound. Use /listsounds to see a list of installed sounds. See the chat help for more details.
- fixed a problem intoduced in recent Firefox versions that caused the browser to display the page source (the raw HTML) rather than render it as a web page.
- moved session & map storage to "My Documents" so that SM plays nicer with Win 7 & Vista. Existing sessions will automatically be moved into the correct location. Chat histories from before this upgrade will not move, but will still be accessible.
- added snap-to grids functionality for minis. If enabled in the Map menu and grids are displayed, will automatically snap minis to the center of the grid they are on. There's some rounding issues with the Hex grids in SM, so placement may be slightly off with Hex grids.
- added a new 'Handouts' panel on the left to allow the GM to share file handouts with players. Players can access the handouts by using '/handouts' in chat, which will display links to the handouts.
- changed application settings storage to the registry from the ScreenMonkey.ini file (for Win 7/Vista compatibility)
- The Lite edition no longer requires a registration & access code.