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FM8 Version of CSUAC Available Again!
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There's probably no single FM8 resource as valuable as the CSUAC. For those who are unaware of the CSUAC, it's a free collection of thousands of raster fill patterns and mapping symbols totaling more than 600 MB. Unfortunately, the FM8 version of the CSUAC has been unavailable for some time. I'm pleased to announce that the complete FM8 edition is available again for free downloading. We were authorized this week to put an official mirror download site on the web. It's split up into 10 different ZIP files. You can get it at:


PLEASE NOTE: The hyperlink below does not download the CSUAC. Instead, it gives you a fill size screen shot of the menus that the CSUAC adds to your FM8 installation.

Mark Oliva
The Vintyri (TM) Project