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Town Crier Bell
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For most of the world, town criers are ancient history. However, they stayed in service in the small Franconian villages like mine in Northern Bavaria into the early 1970s. When the village board or the village mayor had news for the public, the town crier would go to the main square, ring his or her large hand bell and then, after the people had gathered, read the announcement. When the town crier was replaced here by a printed village bulletin in 1971, a former village board member saved our town crier's bell from the scrap metal dealer. He recently gave it to me for historical preservation. I couldn't resist making a couple of mapping symbols of it. There's a picture of the thing at the top here. The symbols are in the Zip file below. Don't ask me where anyone might ever use town crier bell symbols. I don't know. But if you ever need one, here are top and side view objects. The Zip file also contains a default.xml file that will set the FM8 scale properly if it is included in the same folder as the symbols. These symbols are released for commercial and personal use under the Open Game License 1.0a. You can read the license on our website.

Mark Oliva
The Vintyri (TM) Project