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Patched Vintyri Symbol Presets Released
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We've spent the last few days thoroughly testing the reload of the Vintyri (TM) Symbol Presets Package and it appears that everything now works as it should. The main problems in the original were due to corruption of the uploaded files, but I found a few things that I botched too. One problem goes back to June, when we released Symbol Set 2. Somehow, three of the symbols (which are used in the presets) didn't make it into our SS2 zip file. You can correct that by installing the patch below. In assembling the PDF for the presets, there were errors and omissions in the symbol catalogs at the booklet's end. If you downloaded Version 1.0, you have those errors. The link below will give you the corrected Version 1.01 of the PDF. The Vintyri presets release is a first free and open expansion pack for the Fractal Mapper (TM) 8 version of the Vintyri Cartographic Collection. It consists of 168 symbol presets that can be used to fill out city blocks in towns and villages quickly on FM8 maps. The collection has the same raster graphic quality as the individual symbols in the cartographic collection. Even in a map three scale miles wide, you can zoom in on a single building in a preset without detail loss. The ability to make and use symbol presets is one of the most powerful raster mapping tools in FM8. The presets can be edited directly in FM8, but they contain no symbols as such. FM8 symbol presets have special abilities and special limitations that normal symbols do not have. Therefore, we strongly urge all interested users to download the free and open 28-page PDF that accompanies this release before downloading the four ZIP files with symbol presets. These ZIPs have a size of 56 to 66 MB each for a total of nearly 244 MB. Therefore, it would be helpful to understand these special abilities and limitations before making the large downloads. To download the illustrated and bookmarked PDF (3.2 MB), click the hyperlink below. To download the symbol presets, go to the Cartographic Collection option at www.vintyri.com. This material is released under the Open Game License version 1.0a. Please note that because this set contains no JPG or PNG graphics, it cannot be used with other mapping or graphical programs. It can be opened and edited only with FM8.