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ScreenMonkey 1.6g
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Date Added:
This is a minor update to the commercial (full) version of ScreenMonkey.

Updates in this build:
[fixed] A problem that prevented players from moving minis in the web interface under certain browser/versions has been fixed.
[added] A 'unannounce' button has been added to remove games from the announcement site.
[changed] facing/looking arrows are now proportional to the mini size, so they work better with larger minis
[changed] better support for png miniatures with clear backgrounds.
[added] Label color may be set in the preferences window/Map tab.

This is the main executable, not an installer. Replace your current ScreenMonkey.exe with this one.

This program will not be functional if you are not a registered owner of the full commercial version of ScreenMonkey (not SM lite) - it requires licensing information that is included in the full commercial version's installer.