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Fractal Mapper 7.10e
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Date Added:
This is an update to Fractal Mapper v7.0. This is an installation program that will update your FM7 installation. To install, download the file and run it. Changes in this update:

[new] Transparent PNG image file support. PNG images that feature alpha channel information for varying degrees of transparency can be used as mapping symbols. If you use png's as symbols, previous builds of the mapper will not be able to open the map because older builds will not understand the png images.
[fixed] The problem printing to a fixed grid size when selecting a portion of the map is fixed. It will now print at scale when an area is selected on the thumbnail.
[fixed] Custom Fields for the Map object were not saving/loading correctly in scripts.
[fixed] The problem w/ layer names sometimes not saving if you changed them is fixed.
[new] This .exe is built with the latest FWE terrain engine, so maps made with FWE 1.6 (which comes with Astro v2) can be used as background maps.

This program will not be functional if you are not a registered owner of Fractal Mapper v7 - it requires licensing information that is included in the full commercial version's installer.