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Dungeon Battlemap Example--KotS
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This is an example battlemap for Keep on the Shadowfell, published by Wizards of the Coast as the first adventure for 4th Edition D&D.

I really wasn't thrilled with the example dungeon map nbos put up, so I spent some time trying to learn a better way of working with FM8. It turns out the program is more powerful than I thought, and gives me everything I need for tactical, overview and geographic maps.

My one critique of the software is it needs to create deeper shadows for objects. Basically my solution was to create a dark copy of the floorplan that sits underneath the "Floor" layer objects, which I then combined and set to "feather" so they show the darker layer as a much deeper shadow. It's funny that the layer needed to give the textured floor depth is actually composed of objects ordered BELOW the floor.

The thicker wall is a neat feathered effect that I basically stole as a concept directly from the module's printed maps. The effect I produced isn't quite as nice, but it takes almost no time to add it.

I added a "tapestry" and "terror rune" graphic to this upload but only enclosed one map as a sample. Not sure what my upload space limit might be.


Kevin Seachrist