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RPGCG Importer v2.23 (FM8)
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Date Added:
This is a FM8 file handler plug-in for RPG City Map Generator *.sgs save files.

To install just unzip the file into your Fractal Mapper 8 directory.

After you have installed the plugin *.sgs will show up as file type that can be opened in Fractal Mapper 8. There will also be a new option In the File menu titled "RPGCG Import Settings". This will let you change many of the import settings including the building styles and colors.

The checkboxes turn colors selections on or off and the sliders set the frequency of a color combination being used. Color 1 is the base color for building and Color 2 is the central area on building styles 2 and 3.

The building styles work the same way as colors.
The frequency sliders do not affect how many circular or rectangular building there will be, just the styles of their respective types. The *.sgs file determines the shape of the buildings.

The maps imported with this script are not intended to be used "as is", they will need some attention and tweaking but it sure beats creating the whole thing from scratch. Some of the data generated will produce undesirable artifacts. The default settings work for most maps but if you are still seeing lots of artifacts try customizing the import settings.

RPGCGImport v2.23 works with RPGCG version 4.30 to 5.40 save files. It may work with earlier or later versions but I can not guarantee it. The importer would definitely not import any new object types that might be added.

*Note: I did not write the City Generator. For any questions about that program please contact the author.

RPG City Map Generator be found at:


*** The original site is no longer there ***

Change Log
v2.23 - Update for RPGCG v5.40

v2.21 - Improved drawing of lakes.

v2.20 - Update for RPGCG v5.21
Import of trees and lakes now supported.

v2.11 - Update to support RPGCG v5.0

v2.1 - Added GUI for configuring the import options.
Map, River, Road, Park and Square colors can be changed in the GUI.
*.dat files replaced with a GUI for Setting up building Styles and Colors.

v2.01 - Initial Release for FM8