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Updated!! - Fudge Dice Roll Generator
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Patrick Benson
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Date Added:
This script will roll the number of Fudge dice specified by the user and display the results.

Fudge dice are 6 sided dice that have 2 plus signs (+), 2 negative signs (-), and 2 blank sides (o). For every plus sign (+) the roll is read as a 1, for every negative sign (-) the roll is read as a -1, and for every blank (o) the roll is read as a zero.

Besides displaying the results of the actual roll itself, the results for every die rolled are then added up and the total numerical value is displayed.

Example: If 4 Fudge dice are rolled the reult may be any combination between +4 to -4. A +4 result would be displayed as "(++++) +4" and a -4 would be displayed as "(----) -4" to the users.

Note: I found a bug with the Randomizer order in the script that was skewing the results due to vbscript's random number generator algorithm following a predictable routine. This revision tested fine after several test runs where the scritp was ran 1,000,000 times and the actual results for rolls were compared to the expected odds. The difference was routinely +/- < 1% with the revised script.