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Traderoutes V3
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#plugin TradeRoute V3.01.00
#author Shadetree
#desc Generates Major/Minor/Outpost Spacelanes semi-intelligently

Can Delete Old Routes
Can Delete Planets without Populations
Can Delete Planets that do not meet Criteria
Can create Spheres of Influence around planets
Speed/Verbose mode toggle
Change parameters through the new gui interface.

This script will scan each system and determine Major, Minor, and Outpost systems based on the Systems Total Population

it will then create links between a major system and the two closest major systems within a set amount of LY's

Then, it will create a different kind of route between Minor systems and the closest Major

Finally, it will link outposts with a third route style to the closest minor or major system

There are a few variables that can still be changed in the script to customize the GUI interface

Please let me know of any bugs or suggested improvements via the Mailing List.