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Free FM9 Raster Mapping Tutorial
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Date Added:
It's finally available, long overdue, our 262-page FREE tutorial Raster Mapping with FM9. The pressure here to take care of late Christmas affairs grows by the moment, so I'll settle for a short announcement and provide more details later. First all:

Neither the instructions here nor the accompanying files are compatible with Fractal Mapper 8. This product is strictly for FM9.

Brief summary: In this tutorial we make several maps, some in more than one version, all with step-for-step screen shot illustrations. We also learn how to make quality raster symbols with FM9, including those that need transparency added.

Several of the users of our freeware products asked us to find a way for them to use ProFantasy's symbol sets from Dungeons & Dragons (R) cartographer Mike Schley to map in D&D (R) style. Not too long ago one could install these symbols and tools only if one had ProFantasy's Campaign Cartographer 3+ installed. No more. FM9 users now can legally and easily install all three Schley symbol & fill sets and map in D&D style with the blessings of ProFantasy Product Manager Ralf Schemmann, with whom we discussed this matter. However, a few things need to be done inside FM9 to get the optimal performance. It's all there in the tutorial package.

You can get it here, free:

www.vintyri.org/downloads/FM9Tutorial.zip (1 GB)

More after the holidays!