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Joerdhgardh Map No.492 - Gunndra Watch Village
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Joerdhgardh Map No. 492 is from the forthcoming Joerdhgardh Trails adventure "Trailsend. After crossing the Gunndhra River, the PCs find themselves in the Dreadlands heading toward the village of Gunndhra Watch. The name is a bit misleading; the village is a day's march north of the river. It comes from role of Gunndhra Watch having the garrison of the crimson militia responsible for guarding the river area. The PCs' goals in the village are to capture the corroded sword stuck in an ash tree on the main marketplace. It is the cursed Endalaus daudhi (Endless Death) sword that is said to be the only weapon with which King Vilji can destroy all the dark draugs (high undead). They then are to slay the eight human and four orc members of the evil crimson militia that are stationed in the village as well as their commander, the draug (undead) Baron Bjarnolfur. After that, they are to contact an undercover agent of the resistance in the village, the tavern owner Oern, for further advice.

Key to the Map of Gunndhra Watch

The unnumbered buildings are farms. More farms and fields are beyond the bottom or south edge of the map.

1. Foundation Stones of two building ruins

2. Farm Fields.

3. Tithe Barn. The duke's tithe grain is stored here.

4. Village Slaughterhouse. Villagers use the slaughterhouse for their own needs. The house also is used to slaughter pork intended for the duke, which is packed in barrels with salt brine.

5. Crimson Militia Barracks. From left, horse barn, baron's quarters, main barracks with watch tower 50 feet/15 meters high.

6. Market Square with the ash tree which holds the sword Endalaus daudhi. Two human warriors of the crimson militia the tree and sword.

7. Ruins of the Former Village Shop.

8. Oern's Farm and Golden Sheaf Tavern. From the left barn, tavern and brewhouse.

9. Floki's Farm and Smithy. Floki is a fulltime farmer who does blacksmithing work. He is not a member of the resistance, but he sympathizes with it.

10. Village Grainmill.

11. Village Sawmill.

12. Miller Annmar's Farm. Annmar is a farmer, like others in the village, but only half active as such. He also is the barony's water master, paid in old AEsir coinage and special privileges to run the two mills. His farm is the smallest in Gunndhra Watch. It serves only his own needs and those of his family. He has been freed from the tithe. He is a loyalist who will report all he knows and sees to the crimson.

13. Road to the South Fields and Farms.

14. Vidhur River.

15. Oern's Hops Garden.

16. Village Fruit Orchard.

The map is available in two versions:

1. As a JPG flat map of 2048 x 1365 Pixels, available with the hyperlink below.

2. Fully editable in the FMP format of FM8 (52 MB), here:


Both versions are released for personal and commercial use under the Open Game License Version 1.0a, which you can read on the Joerdhgardh website at:


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