Re: [nbos] Inspiration Pad Pro
"Joe Mays"
Sat Oct 11th, 2014
I love IpadPro, and I was really happy when the prompts were added, thus giving the ability to pass parameters to the program, but unfortunately they were implemented in a way that renders the web-based interface of the program useless. You can only use them through the IPAD app.

I always thought it would be better to integrate them into the html output. Make the program accept GET or POST information, and the prompts could either be passed from a webform, or better still have the program html output contain a self-referential webform. If prompts are present, at the beginning of the page, before the rest of the output, generate a small webform for the prompts.

From: Alan Hoskins
Sent: Saturday, October 11, 2014 5:20 AM
Subject: Re: [nbos] Inspiration Pad Pro

The notes on the Google Play Store page for the app mention some differences. From my own experience the two things which won't work are as follows:

Prompts, i.e. if the table requires any sort of user input before it generates a result this will call the table to fail to give a result.

If a table employs the USE function to call other tables, then the path to the external table will be different on your tablet than it would be on a PC. There is a table on the NBOS site called something like Variables List.ipt which will give you the correct path if you run it on your tablet - you would then need to change any path reference in the table to this. This issue will also apply if the table accesses any image files.

Hope this makes sense. If you need any more info ask away.



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