Re: [nbos] Status of Screenmonkey?
Dalton Calford
Thu Jul 17th, 2014
I noticed the free version has a higher version number - can you tell me the difference between the commercial and free version - if any?
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Subject: Re: [nbos] Status of Screenmonkey?


The only thing you'd need the registration key for is for announcing games,
I believe. If you need one drop me an email and I'll get one for you.

SM Lite will stay available, its just the commercial version that was
removed. I don't forsee any huge updates for SM in its current form (the
current code base), but there may be some further minor/maintenance updates
down the line.


>I purchased screen monkey when it first came out and I have used it
>sporadically since. I now have a group of players who want to get into a
>game, but, I discovered my old system/hard drive has died.
>Today I went to drivethrurpg and I was able to download version 1.5 but, I
>have lost my registration information. I was able to upgrade to 1.7
>which I downloaded from the nbos resources site, but, have I lost any
>functionality by not having the registration key?
>Drivethru no longer lists screen monkey as a product and I was wondering
>if a newer/updated/non-windows version was going to be produced anytime soon?

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