[nbos] [FM8] 1st Major Joerdhgardh Release - 184 FM8 Maps
"Mark Oliva"
Sun Feb 2nd, 2014
On February 1, after more than 10 years development, the Vintyri (TM)
Project has issued the first major release of the new Joerdhgardh (TM)
campaign setting for the Dungeons Daring (TM) and OGL 3.5 fantasy role
playing game systems. OGL 3.5 includes such games as Pathfinder (R) from
Paizo Publishing and Dungeons & Dragons (R) from Wizards of the Coast Inc.
Joerdhgardh is a campaign setting based upon the old real world mythologies.

Joerdhgardh is a free open gaming, open source product. All of the texts,
maps, floor plans, dungeon plans and encounter scenarios are available both
as bookmarked PDFs and in editable formats. Four PDFs are available
totaling 1,478 pages and 1.5 GB download size. The open source texts are in
five reference document download files in ODT format totaling 1,372 pages
and 600 MB download size. The ODT texts are compatible with modern versions
of Microsoft (R) Word, Apache OpenOffice.org Writer and LibreOffice.org

Also available for free, individual download are the 184 maps, floor plans,
dungeon plans and scenarios from the books in the fully editable format of
Fractal Mapper (TM) 8 from NBOS Software. These include the 139 maps
offered to date in the Joerdhgardh Map of the Week program as well as 45
maps that were not previously available.

Our website includes more than 200 new hyperlinks. In the past 24 hours,
we've attempted to test them all. We think we succeeded, but we're probably
deluding ourselves. If anyone finds a broken link, please let us know!

The Joerdhgardh website:


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