Re: [nbos] Inspiration Pad Pro for Android... Released!
Petri Wessman
Tue Dec 3rd, 2013
On 12/03/2013 12:24 PM, Douglas Jackson wrote:
> On 3/12/2013 5:56 PM, NBOS Support wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Thanks much to those who tested the program!
>> The final build is up on Google Play:
>> Rather than load it with ads, I put what I hope people will find is a
>> modest price on it.
> Bought it. Absolute *bargain* at $2.17 for me. :)

Price and lack of ads is nice, yes, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to
work very well on my Samsung Galaxy S2 (Android 4.2.2). It shows the
splash screen for a few seconds, then I get a blank screen... and
usually nothing after that, other than a "App is not responding, do you
want to close it?" popups :(

*Sometimes*, if you say "Wait" to the above popup enough times, it
actually does start up and works after that.

It seems to be doing something really slow at startup, which is in
effect making it unusable, at least on this device.


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