[nbos] [FM8] Joerdhgardh Map of Week #118 Released
"Mark Oliva"
Sun Aug 18th, 2013
With the 118th Map of the Week we take a look at the Ore City Inn in the
Slovanian city of Mine Docks. Locals have their own names for local things:
They call Mine Docks "Ore City" and the Fjörm River the "Corpse Flood."
Baron Lubosh is not particularly happy with the latter nickname, be he knows
it would be purposeless to try to outlaw it. However, the Ore City nickname
pleases him so much that he named his inn after it. Although Lubosh owns
the inn, he has nothing to do with its day-to-day operations and, in fact,
seldom is seen in it. Once a month or so, his brother-in-law Bronislav will
look in for the baron to see how things are going. The boss is innkeeper
Sonha, a 32-year-old human female merchant who is married to a captain of
the city watch, Emil, a 33-year-old human male warrior. The two have an
apartment on the inn's upper story. The inn's public room serves the finest
meats, fish, vegetables and crops from the agricultural areas of the county,
wines from Count Arnosht's prime vineyards in the south of the county and
the inn's own light-colored but heady bock beer (7 % alcohol), brewed in the
communal brewery. Meals run from 7 bronze pieces to 3 gold pieces. A
quart/liter tankard (the only quantity offered) of house bock beer costs 7
copper pieces. Wines run from 1 to 200 gold pieces per bottle. Single
rooms cost 9 bronze pieces nightly, doubles 8 bronze pieces per person.
Those prices include stable fees, but it is customary for stable customers
to give the stable boys and girls a few copper pieces as a tip. Sonha's
sister, Lada, a 36-year-old human artisan, is the brewwife. The master cook
is the 44-year-old human male artisan Medard. The inn employs a bookkeeper
and a clerk, both merchants; four journeyman cooks, all artisans; two
apprentice cooks, all commoners; a male tinker as house master; two
laborers, four waiters and waitresses, a bartender, four room maids and four
stable boys and girls. All of the latter are human male and female
commoners. The hotel strictly prohibits all employees from doing
after-hours business.

Key to the Floor Plan of the Ore City Inn

Ground Floor

1. Entry.

2. Lobby for Inn Guests.

3. Stairs to Guest Rooms.

4. Reception and Office.

5. Kitchen.

6. Trapdoor to Storage Cellar (not mapped).

7. Stairway to the Private Rooms on the 2nd Story (not mapped).

8. Public Room. The booths usually must be reserved in advance. Only when
one is free is it open to guests without a reservation.

9. Taproom.

10. Waitresses' Food Pickup.

Second Story

11. Stairway from Ground Floor.

12. Door to Private Rooms (not mapped). This door always is locked.

13. Stairway to the Third Story Guest Rooms.

14. Single Guest Rooms. The numbers is parantheses are the room numbers.

15. Entry to Bath and Jakes.

16. Bath. Baths must be booked. They cost 1 bronze piece per person.

17. Jakes.

Third Story

18. Guest Lobby.

19. Jakes.

20. Bath. Baths must be booked. They cost 1 bronze piece per person.

21. Guest Rooms. The numbers is parantheses are the room numbers. No. 6
is a single. Nos. 7 through 10 are doubles.

You can get this floor plan in two versions from the Joerdhgardh website:

1. The Fractal Mapper (TM) 8 version in FMP format, fully editable (14.2

2. As three JPG flat maps of 1360 Pixels x 850 Pixels each (1.6 MB).

Both versions are released for personal and commercial use under the Open
Game License Version 1.0a, which you can read on the Joerdhgardh website at:


Next Week: Mine Docks - Oar & Pick Inn

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