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Eberron Core

Contributor:ChristopherRodrigues MaciasRating:5 out of 5, 0 votes
Date Added:10/14/2006Downloads:2316
Description:Version 1.1. This is an update to the first version posted about a month ago. It includes some minor enhancements, including a light blue 'coastal shelf' area around the coaslines that make the sea-land border pop out a bit more, a 'glow' effect added to the compass rose, enhancements to the text on mountain ranges to make it more readable, and a complete do-over of Shargon's Teeth using graphics borrowed from CC3.
ChristopherBoyd on 10/16/2006
Ok, Stupid question : How do I open *.fmz files in Fractal Mapper 7.10f?
Alexander Seow on 10/11/2006
wow... @.@"
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