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UPDATE - Bogie's Mapping Objects for FM8 Released

Contributor:MarkOlivaRating:Not enough votes yet
Date Added:07/17/2016Downloads:517
Description:We've ended the beta period for Bogie's Mapping Objects for FM8. The final release version now is available for free download. Go to:


The floor plan above is use with permission from author S D McDaniel. It gives you an example of what you can do with this free art pack, which is free and licensed for personal and commercial usage.

Those who installed Beta 2 need do nothing. The content of the art pack remains unchanged.

Previous announcement:

Bogie, the creator of the graphics in this package, has been making symbols and fill patterns for the Dundjinni™ mapping program for several years. His work is recognized among the best in the fantasy RPG cartographic community. Bogie also is an Admin at the Dundjinni forums and a community leader of the Cartographers Guild.

This collection includes some 1,300 new raster mapping symbols of the highest quality for battlemaps, dungeons, floor plans and villages and another 150 fill styles. It's released under an End User License Agreement (EULA) that allows free personal and commercial usage. The download size is 265 MB.

A side note: If you install this package along with the CSUAC and the Vintyri Cartographic Collection, you can enlarge the basic FM8 raster symbol library by more than 10,000 new symbols!
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