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Additional City Tools

Contributor:NBOSRating:5 out of 5, 0 votes
Date Added:08/04/2006Downloads:2850
Description:Submitted by John Bowden of www.ancient-awakenings.com.

A great set of Fractal Mapper v7.0 custom tools to assist in city and town creation! Use with the town template for quick town creation. Be sure your map's unit of measurement is set to feet so that the objects created by these tools will show up at the right scale.
The tools are:

- Boarded Walkway: Creates a plank walkway with support columns.
- Building Area Fill: Creates a random fill of buildings in an area, clearing any buildings overlapping roads
- Fence: Creates a fence from a drawn line.
- Grove: Creates a grove of random trees.
- Line of Buildings: Creates a series of buildings from a spline curve.
Ridge: Allows a freehand cliff ridge to be drawn.
- Road: Creates a 15' wide road from a spline.
- Sidewalk: Allows the freehand drawing of a 5' sidewalk
- Stone Wall: Creates a 10' thick crenelated wall.

To install: Place this zip file into the directory where your Mapper7.exe is located. This is usually 'c:\program files\nbos\mapper7'. Unzip the archive with WinZip or simular program. When unzipping be sure the directory structures contained in the zip file are maintained (this is usually the default behavior).
EdwardFreedman on 09/01/2008
I would love an updated version of these to work with FM8! Or a pointer on how to convert the existing scripts to work with FM8...
Chris DCannaday on 11/11/2007
Any chance someone could update the code for these tools so they'll work in FM8?
BoBLeSuer on 01/07/2007
If you haven't figured it out already, change the integer value in lines 59 and 60 of the script. Higher numbers lead to less dense groves.
GregPola on 11/14/2006
Anyone know how to change the desnity of trees generated for the grove tool?
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