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The Keep 1.10e (BETA)

Contributor:NBOSRating:Not enough votes yet
Date Added:12/06/2013Downloads:985
Description:This is a test of the next update to The Keep. This is a zip file, not an installer. Download this file, and copy its contents into the directory where your current version of The Keep resides (usually c:\Program Files (x86)\nbos\TheKeep), replacing your existing KeepCM.exe file with the one in this zip file.

Changes in this version 1.10e
- [Changed] The Keep now uses the Inspiration Pad Pro v3 engine
- [Fixed] The Keep can now load unicode encoded .ipt files created with Inspiration Pad Pro v3's editor and exporter. Unicode text may not render correctly still.
- [Fixed] In portable mode, The Keep can load Inspiration Pad Pro generators from a "Generators" folder located under the directory where the executable resides. So if you have The Keep on a thumb drive, you can create that directory to have access to your generators.
- [Changed] Added a new HTML template for Inspiration Pad Pro results.
- [Changed] The Keep now loads Inspiration Pad Pro 3 generators on startup if they are present, otherwise will load 2.0 generators if they are present.
- [Added] EPUB option to name the generator application
- [Added] EPUB option to use strict html formatting (to pass validation checks)
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