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Jörðgarð Map of the Week - #76 - Æsir Valley

Contributor:MarkOlivaRating:Not enough votes yet
Date Added:09/16/2012Downloads:1027
Description:With the 76th Map of the Week we continue in the borderlands town of Óðinn's House in the Kingdom of Slovania. This week we take a look at the Outer Town south of the main settlement, also known as Æsir Valley.

Key to the Map of the Outer Town, also known as the Æsir Valley

The Outer Town is a haven for refugees from the fallen Æsir Empire that is under the protection of the Northern Circle, but that also is feared and to a great extent shunned by the Slovanians of Óðinn's House. Only the Outer Town Mill and the Hexwood Sawmill in the southern part of the Outer Town (beyond the map) are frequented by the Slovanians. They have little choice in the matter. The Æsir refugees acquired the two mills quietly and to the surprise of the Slovánski many years ago. They are on the only local stretch of the HexwoodRiver that are suitable for waterwheels. The only other landmark is the Æsir Trail Tavern, a public house that the Slovanians never enter. The greatest landmark of all is the Slovanian seat of the Northern Circle, Óðinn's Fortress, which is above the Hexwood Valley and outside of it. Five houses and cottages make up the rest of the valley. Æsir refugees who work in the tavern and the two mills live in them. Like the tavern complex, all five are wooden structures with wood shingle roofs. No one except Steingrímur, the tavernkeep, and his wife, Ásta, do any farming. The two do crop farming, but only at a modest level. They grow and breed what they need to feed themselves, and they also grow their own barley and hops for brewing.

1. Æsir Trail Brewhouse. Ásta, the wife of the tavernkeeper, brews her bock beer here.

2. Æsir Trail Tavern. Outsiders aren't welcome here. This is the tavern of the Æsir refugees and the Northern Circle, who come down from the fortress to drink the bock beer. If outsiders do enter the tavern, they will not be thrown out immediately. They will be served, just like locals, but without any signs that they are welcome or that their presence is desired. If they become unruly or start pestering guests, they will be thrown out quickly, physically if necessary. Steingrímur and Ásta live on the upper story.

3. Woodshed. Firewood is needed for cooking and brewing.

4. Farm shed.

5. Barn. Steingrímur and Ásta have two cows, between 10 and 20 wool pigs (varying) and a dozen chickens.

6. Millpond.

The graphic above is reduced in size. You can get the full-sized map in two versions:

1. The Fractal Mapper (TM) 8 map in FMP format, fully editable, from our Jörðgarð web page (30 MB).

2. A JPG flat map of 1360 Pixels x 1080 Pixels (700 KB total), available with the hyperlink above.

Both versions are released for personal and commercial use under the Open Game License Version 1.0a, which you can read on the Jörðgarð web site.

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Next week: Óðinn's House – Æsir Trail Tavern

Mark Oliva
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