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Jörðgarð Map of the Week - #68 - Trailsend Inn

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Date Added:06/25/2012Downloads:907
Description:With the 68th Map of the Week finds we rain in the borderlands town of Óðinn's House in the Kingdom of Slovania. This week we take a look at the Trailsend Inn.

Innkeeper and owner Petr, a 51-year-old human male merchant, welcomes customers from all walks of life including adventurers. He also makes a point of hiring only waitresses who do after-hours business, a practice that has given the Trailsend a bit of a shady reputation but one that hasn't hurt business. The inn consists of a brewhouse and a three-story main building. The cellar is a storage area. The public room, the kitchen and the apartments of Petr's mother and sister are on the ground floor. Guest rooms are on the second and third stories. Peter's apartment is on the second story. The apartments of his two waitresses are on the top floor. Accomodations and furnishings are simple but functional. The inn is comfortable but it shows no signs of luxury. The 10 single rooms cost 6 bronze pieces per night. The three doubles cost five bronze pieces per person nightly. The two suites cost five gold pieces per week. The public room serves breakfast to house guests, but it remains closed during the day. It opens from 17 bells (5 p.m.) to midnight seven days a week. Drinks are limited to the house lager beer at 5 copper pieces per quart/liter tankard (pints are not served) and spirits from the Royal Distillery in Novýdomov at 1 to 6 bronze pieces per shot/0.1 liter glas. The menu offers simple, traditional Slovánska dishes of excellent quality. Prices range from 3 to 6 bronze pieces.

Key to the Trailsend Inn

Cellar. The ceiling is 7 feet/210cm high. This level provides little to interest adventurers, but it does smell.

1. Stairs from the Ground Floor. There is no external entry to the cellar.

2. Full and Empty Beer and Wine Barrels.

3. Wine Rack. Wine in Bottles.

4. Supply Shelves. Contain food and supplies for the kitchen and guest rooms.

5. Ash Pit of the main Chimney.

6. Offal Pits from the Jakes. (Stink strongly!)

7. Rubble.

Ground Floor. The ceiling is 10 feet/3m high. This level houses the hotel lobby, kitchen, public room and the quarters of the landlord's mother and sister.

Area A: Entry.

Area B: Inn Lobby.

Area C: Inn Reception.

• 1. Reception Desk and Room Keys. Manned by Nikol, the landlord Petr's sister.

• 2. Weapon Rack. Patrons entering the public room are required to leave all larger weapons with the reception.

• 3. Wardrobes.

Area D: Stairway to Guest Rooms.

Area E: Public Room.

• 4. Tap Bar. There is no sit-down bar for customers. The waitresses bring the drink orders to Petr, who usually works here. He pours the drinks and places them on the bar. The waitresses then bring them to the customers.

• 5. Kitchen Counter. The waitresses place their orders at this window with counter. When the food is ready, the kitchen help places it on the counter. The waitresses then bring the food to the customers.

• 6. Booths. This area usually is used by customers who want to confer privately.

Area F: Jakes.

• 7. The Squatters.

Area G: Public Room.

• 8. Inn Office. Nikol, who serves as Petr's bookkeeper, works here.

• 9 Business Books. Nikol keeps all of the parchment business records in leather binderson the shelves.

Area H: Nikol's Room.

Area I: Kitchen. Marjana, Petr's wife and the inn's cook, is the boss here.

• 10. Trapdoor to the Cellar Storage Area.

• 11. Cupboards With Food, Cooking Wares, etc.

Area J: Rút's Room. Rút is Petr's 72-year-old mother.

Second Story. This level includes the single guest rooms and the apartments of Petr, Marjana and Květa. The ceiling is 10 feet/3m high except over the guests' stairway to the third story, where it is 9 feet/270 cm high.

1-10. Single guest rooms. The floor plan numbers also are the numbers on the room doors.

11. Guest Lobby.

12. Hallway.

13. Waiting Room (Jakes).

14. Jakes.

15. Main Chimney.

16. Waitresses' Stairway.

17. Living Room of Peter's Family.

18. Unused Bedroom. Before Petr's son, Bonifác, moved into the bakery's apartment, this windowless inner sanctum had been the room of Květa, Petr and Marja's daughter. When the house is full, Petr occasionally will rent this room out to trusted long-term regular customers who need accomodations.

19. Petr's and Marjana's Bedroom.

20. Květa's Room.

Third Story

This level includes the three double guest rooms, the two suites and the rooms of the waitresses Božena and Kamila. The ceiling of the left (west) wing is 7 feet high on the outer wall and 10 feet high at the crest. The ceiling of the right (east) wing is 5 feet high on the outer wall and 10 feet high at the crest, except above the guest stairway from the second story (1), which is 6 feet/180 cm high. The dormers all are above eye level and serve as skylights.

1. Guest Stairway from the Second Story. The door way to the left leads into the guest lobby and hall. The threshhold to the doorway is one foot/30 cm high,

2. Crawl Space. The ceiling in this area is only 5 feet/150 cm high. Petr lets guests store items in this area.

3. Waiting Area for the "guests" of the waitresses Božena and Kamila.

4. Božena's Bedroom.

5. Božena's Private Room. This room is a windowless inner sanctum

6. Kamila's Bedroom.

7. Kamila's Private Room. This room is a windowless inner sanctum.

8. Bath Kettle Room. Baths are free for guests in the two suites. Guests in single and double rooms must pay three bronze pieces extra. The kettle here is lowered with a small hoist and pulley to the ground below, where it is filled with water, which the chambermaids bpoil on the stove in area 9.

9. Bath Area. The bather is screened by a curtain.

10. Jakes.

11.-13. Double Rooms. These rooms have wood stoves for the rare cool nights in Ódhinn's House.

14.-15. Suites. These rooms have wood stoves for the rare cool nights in Ódhinn's House and large, double canopy beds.

The maps above are reduced in size. You can get the full-sized maps in two versions:

1. The Fractal Mapper (TM) 8 map in FMP format, fully editable, from our Jörðgarð web page (25 MB).

2. Four JPG flat maps of 1360 Pixels x 840 Pixels each (2,3 MB), available with the Hyperlink below.

Both versions are released for personal and commercial use under the Open Game License Version 1.0a, which you can read on the Jörðgarð web site.

The Jörðgarð web site:


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