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Roman Name Generator

Contributor:ChristianSchwietzkeRating:Not enough votes yet
Date Added:08/30/2011Downloads:1157
Description:This is a little name generator I created while getting re-aquainted with IPP.

As the title suggests, it generates Roman names from the classical era (Caesar´s time, more or less). It follows the general naming conventions of Roman citizens of the time:

For men, (First Name) (Family Name), with a "cognomen", a nickname (often a personal nickname such a Celer, "the quick" or Crassus, "the fat", but sometimes an honorary name, such Africanus, "the African" in honor of the victory of Carthage) which is usually passed down to the male descendants; typically only Patricians (nobles) have nicknames.
Women usually either inherited their mother´s name, or got the female form of their father´s family name, with no "proper" family name given. If you´ve seen "Rome", you may remember that Lucius Vorenus´ daughters were called "Vorena the Elder" and "Vorena the Younger", for example, while Gaius Julius Caesar´s daughter was named "Julia".

Name variety is pretty limited now. The classical Romans only had around 15 or so male first names; the other parts, I´ll expand sooner or later.

Hope you like this...
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