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Space4 90-100ly fileset

Contributor:IceAceTomRating:Not enough votes yet
Date Added:12/02/2014Downloads:2976
Description:This is the fourth installment in my "Space" series AstroSyn file-database filesets, covering stars brighter than absolute magnitude 9.51 (plus some dimmer ones from the HabCat dataset) from 90 to 100 light years from Sol (plus two stars that actually are closer than 90 ly). See the description for "Space1" and its text file for the full details of this project. Included are the AstroSyn .csv file, the "master" OpenOffice.org v3.2.1 .ods spreadsheet file used to create the AstroSyn file, an extra "data" spreadsheet file with only the given and calculated values (it's an edited .csv file formatted and saved as an .ods file), and an updated AstroSyn .sector file going from 0 to 100 light years, i.e. all four installments in one map, displayed with my color choices. This time I didn't include the intermediate .ods spreadsheet files to reduce the size of the file

For this installment I made heavy use of the SIMBAD database operated at CDS, Strasbourg, France; simbad.harvard.edu/simbad/ along with the ARICNS site www.ari.uni-heidelberg.de/datenbanken/aricns/

The next phase will be to do all the stars that I've left out so far, the red and white dwarfs in the HYG database fainter than absolute magnitude 9.51 (which is my own lower limit for spectral type M0V) which either weren't already in the HabCat database or weren't companions to brighter stars in multiple-star systems, though some of the closer solo stars are already in the first fileset. I'll be doing these stars in small magnitude ranges out to 100ly, rather than by distance ranges. Once these stars are all done, I will start on stars beyond 100 light years, but it will be a while, since there at least 1500 to do, and who knows, maybe AstroSyn 3 will be out by then. :-)
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