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Vintyri Symbol Set 3 released

Contributor:MarkOlivaRating:5 out of 5, 0 votes
Date Added:11/07/2009Downloads:1280
Description:The Vintyri (TM) Project has released the free and open Symbol Set 3 of the Vintyri Cartographic Collection. This set includes 148 new FM8 raster symbols in the roof styles brown and light beaver tail clay tile, slate tile and wood shingle. The structures fall into the categories of artisans' and commercial structures.

Before I say more about the collection, two additional important points:

1. We've finally cleaned up our chaotic web site. It now should take you quickly to the material you're seeking. For all of the symbol sets, there now also is an option to see the complete catalogs in advance in your web browser so that you can decide whether a particular catalog is useful before you download.

2. Some FM8 users have had issues with the resolution of Vintyri symbols on large zoom-ins. The web site has a page on issues that will tell you how to resolve these problems quickly and easily if they apply in your case.

Symbol Set 3 includes 148 building objects of bakeries, butcher shops, chandlers' workshops, a copper mill, foundries, a kiln, lumber sheds, grain mills, river cranes, sawmills, smithies, smokehouses, tanneries, wainwright workshops, windmills and woodsheds.

Accompanying the symbol set and available for download is a free and open 76-page PDF that gives you good tips on how to apply these symbols in your maps and RPG, historical data on the real-world prototypes that served as models for the new buildings and photos of many of these prototypes.

Those of you who make your own FM8 symbols may also find some interesting new ideas in these photos.

We're now in the advanced stages of work with the free and open Symbol Set 4, which includes a large number of agricultural and culinary structures. It should be available for download within a few weeks.

The download link below will give you a small sampler of symbols in the FM8 download package, if you want to see some of the real thing before downloading. However, to download the complete Symbol Set 3 (99 MB) and the PDF (8 MB), you need to go to:


Mark Oliva
The Vintyri (TM) Project
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