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Tweaks for GURPS Traveller

Contributor:JamesWaitesRating:Not enough votes yet
Date Added:07/05/2009Downloads:1020
Description:Directions : replace script folder with one included with this zip file. replace the main.html file in your screen monkey subdirectory /campaigns/ defaults/ ui/ advance with the main.html included in this zip file. I recommend you save your old script folder and main.html file to anthor folder labeled "orginal" or "old" if you want to restore them at a later date.

I have elminated unnessary dice only the standard gurps 3d6 are displayed, added an action, scream, ooc button to the chat section. I have also added a Traveller banner and changed background colors to make it more sci-fi. I have also changed the add character screen to better display larger minis than the orginal version of screen monkey (I am using a set that are 49x49)
RobertLyster on 02/07/2010
Images files are missing
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