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Fractal Mapper 8.10f

Contributor:NBOSRating:5 out of 5, 0 votes
Date Added:06/21/2009Downloads:6280
Description:This is an installer that updates Fractal Mapper 8 to v8.10f. To apply this update, download and run this file (fm810fUPD.exe). This is a cumulative update of all changes to date which will update any FM8 installation to the latest build.

Fractal Mapper 8.10f (build 1380)
- FIXED: Vector flood fill was broken in build 1376 (the build from the initial auto updater test)

Fractal Mapper 8.10f (build 1376)
- ADDED: Special Effects Style palette. See special effects section of the help file (help file update also included in this package)
- CHANGED: A change in the way the list of available fonts are built to work around a behavior in WINE that caused fonts to be listed multiple times.
- ADDED: Software Auto-Updater. Will check every 2 weeks for new updates. Can be disabled in the preferences window.

Fractal Mapper 8.03e
- FIXED: a problem that caused certain colors, typically black but could possibly be other colors depending on the image, to act as a masking color when drawing png symbols at certain scales, causing the black area of the symbol to be transparent.
- FIXED: the fill pattern and texture drop-downs were not showing the scrollbars under Windows Vista.
- FIXED: a problem that prevented certain FMP files that had very large embedded graphics generated via the special effects tools from opening.
- FIXED: under certain circumstances, the alpha channel in certain internally generated images were not correctly identified.
- FIXED: Objects with applied special effects (blurs, shadows, textures) were not re-rendered when a different special effects resolution was selected.

Fractal Mapper 8.03d
- FIXED: creating a submap containing polygons that have applied raster effects caused an av if any of the objects were rendered into the new map.
- CHANGED: Suppressed Windows missing drive warnings if a background map/image references a non existent drive.

This program will not be functional if you are not a registered owner of Fractal Mapper 8 - it requires licensing information that is included in the full commercial version's installer.
Copyright © 2003-2007, NBOS Software. All rights reserved. 'Fractal Mapper', 'ScreenMonkey', 'Character Sketcher', 'Inspiration Pad', 'Fractal World Explorer', 'Goblin API', 'AstroSynthesis' are trademarks of NBOS Software. 'Dwarven Beserker' art by V. Shane.
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