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FM8 Map Collection

Contributor:MarkOlivaRating:5 out of 5, 0 votes
Date Added:05/25/2009Downloads:1535
Description:The Vintyri™ Project has released Version 1.1 of the Dungeons Daring™ maps in the native FMP format of FM8. These maps were made for the adventure "The Last Mill," but where they fit, they easily can be adapted for your own adventures. In all, there are 22 maps, encounter scenarios, floor plans and dungeon plans with a download total of 325 MB. However, you can select those maps you might want and download them separately. To do so, go to the following address, where you'll find download links for and separate thumbnails of each map:


Important to know: All the symbols in these maps are embedded (which is why the ZIP files are so big). That means that the symbols will appear regardless of whether they are installed on your machine. To get the full advantages of this collection, you need the new 8.10f update of FM8 and you need to set the menu options Map/Display Quality to Highest. Because these are the original FM8 maps, you can open them in FM8 and modify them to your heart's content. This is free, open gaming material released under the Open Game License Version 1.0a.

The download link below will give you the map above as a JPG in 800x1067 resolution, for those who want a closer look before downloading the original maps from the address listed above.

Mark Oliva
The Vintyri™ Project
MarkOliva on 10/10/2011
Please note: The address for downloading these maps has changed. Use this link: http://www.vintyri.org/daring/dd_maps.htm Mark Oliva The Vintyri (TM) Project http://www.vintyri.org info@vintyri.org
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