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Contributor:JonathanFischerRating:3 out of 5, 0 votes
Date Added:02/22/2009Downloads:896
Description:A barracks. Change layers selected to see the three different floors. There is the ground floor, floor 1 and floor 2. The ground floor and floor1 also require the building layer. Floor 2 does not. It would be nice if the views saved layer information...
MarkOliva on 02/25/2009
I want to separate this from Jonathan's excellent vector map. Therefore, I've posted the sample "Barracks as raster map" and answered the questions there.
JonathanFischer on 02/24/2009
I can answer that very succinctly: I have no idea what you are talking about. Well, I know the difference between bitmap and vector (vector scales better, or did). But, what and where is the library you are talking about? [found it at http://www.gmsapprentice.com/ ] As a separate issue, I am not entirely sure how to use raster/bitmaps under FM8. Maybe it's the same as vector's. Maybe I'm just a clueless user, needing to read the fine manual (or the forums...). :-) Feel free to educate me! (And why are comments so poorly implemented here, NBOS?)
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