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Rutbury, small town

Contributor:David A.TaitRating:4 out of 5, 0 votes
Date Added:01/15/2009Downloads:1091
Description:Synopsis; The town had a hidden shrine which had been usurped & taken over by worshipers of Cas, demigod of spite. The area surrounding this shrine (hidden) has been so corrupted, it has resulted in the manifestation ~ Taint of Evil. When our adventurers had first arrived in this town, a Mohrg had been running amok - laying wasted to the townsfolk, devastating the population & turning many into zombies.

I am really pleased, both with the towns generated with the other program, the ease with which I am able to import the generated map into FM8 with Roy Belanger's script & then fine tune the final map with FM8! Way to go Ed & Roy!!! And thank you for such a fine product!

p.s. Please *note ~ you will also need the 'Shrine of Cas' map. That is a linked file from the close up view of the center of taint that includes the floor plan of the shrine. Also, because of the file size limitation, this file was zipped to keep it within range. I was surprised at just how big the file was, even though it was only a small town.
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