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Plot Jump Route v1.5

Contributor:Alan BartholetRating:5 out of 5, 0 votes
Date Added:02/06/2013Downloads:2297
Description:This plugin will find the route with the fewest number of jumps between two systems based on the given maximum jump distance and the systems considered to be valid jump points. This will only run on the visible systems making it easier to filter out political affiliations and subsystems that you may wish to avoid.

Please use the following forum topic for further information on this plugin as well as to discuss any questions, suggestions or bugs. Please do not use the comments section here as a way of contacting me or for discussion.

Alan Bartholet on 02/13/2010
Hello Alvin, thank you for the feedback, I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the saving problem till now. I will try and figure out a way to save the route type information. Add: Sorry, the GUI design features in the API are just too limited to do what your asking. If you wish to discuss it further please contact me through the mailing list or the forums.
AlvinPlummer on 02/12/2010
A great program - the only reason why I didn't give it a five is because I can't save the routes :( Can this be fixed in the next version? (I notice that the jump points are saved...) Also, it would be convenient to fix the same color & line thickness for a given route, so the user can change it himself. (So different colours, etc can be coded for different ship journeys, trade routes, etc.) Finally, if a given route type would automatically have the same colour, line pattern, and thickness, it would be helpful! ============== That way, I could arrange routes like: *** Scout route (type) * ISS Auora (name) * 'three-dash, 1 thickness, sky blue' (visual) *** Scout route (type) * ISS Columbus (name) * 'three-dash, 1 thickness, sky blue' (visual) (Note that I can just reuse the previous saved pattern) *** Heavy Scout Cruiser (type) * ISS Imperial Reaumur (name) * 'three-dash, 2 thickness, sky blue' (visual) (pattern saved under a new type) *** Patrol route (type) * ISS Bard Endeavor (name) * 'four-dash, 2 thickness, dark green' (visual) (ditto) *** Patrol route (type) * ISS Sparkling Distress (name) * 'four-dash, 2 thickness, dark green' (visual) (reused previous saved pattern) ======================= Thanks for your hard work - I hope to see the improvements soon! Sorry about the bad editing, but I can't find a way to make paragraphs and proper spacing with this editor :(
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