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Fractal Mapper 8.01b

Contributor:NBOSRating:Not enough votes yet
Date Added:08/25/2007Downloads:2600
Description:**** UPDATED 8/24/07 ****

This is a minor update to fix a few bugs in FM8. See below for important installation instructions.

- UPDATED (8/24/07): Made some tweaks to allow FM8 to run under Win2k.
- FIXED?: If a symbol or pattern directory has an archive bit set in its attributes, the symbol categories and sets weren't showing up in the palette.
- FIXED: Background maps couldnt be cleared.
- FIXED: SpanWidth & Height were being set incorrectly in the map setup window, causing the maps sizes to show incorrectly.
- FIXED: Toolbar button hints were not translating
- FIXED: Tab captions werent translating
- FIXED: color bar hints werent translating
- CHANGED: widened some buttons and labels to make room for larger translated text (fx panel, map setup)

This is the main exe. To install, replace your current Mapper8.exe with this one. The about box will say '8.01b Build 1328'.

This program will not be functional if you do not have Fractal Mapper 8 - it requires licensing information that is included in the full commercial version's installer.
Scott Mac on 09/01/2007
Licence file problems can be resolved at this link in the NOX: http://www.nbos.com/nox/wiki.php?topic=licensefilemissing (cut and paste)
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