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Treasure Tables: Additional Files

Contributor:TowynRating:Not enough votes yet
Date Added:01/16/2007Downloads:1500
Description:Racinante was kind enough to create the tables/additions to incorporate the magic items and weapons.

He did not put any restrictions on the piercing/slashing weapon abilities (such as vorpal), but if vorpal is selected for an item, there will be a note saying (P/S only).

This includes three files: Magic.ipt, Treasure.ipt, and Weapons.ipt. Magic.ipt is the new file. All three should go into the srd folder. Weapons and Treasure are updates from the "Treasure Tables Lev 1-20" upload. This is not the complete download.

Take a look, let us know via the forums if there are any issues/problems/suggestions/additions/Ideas
SatyrMage on 04/29/2008
Isn't this Inspiration Pad Pro files? What's this got to do with maps?
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