[nbos] [FM8] Dungeons Daring 3E Complete - 60 New FM8 Maps
"Mark Oliva"
Fri Feb 1st, 2013
With the Creature Guide, which is available starting today, one now can
download the complete, free 3rd Edition of the Dungeons Daring (TM) fantasy

What's the mapping significance? 60 new raster maps of monster scenarios
are available for free personal and commercial use with the Creature Guide.
Two of the 60 scenario maps, showing a wyvern and minotaurs, can be seen in
the sample graphic above.

All 60 maps are available in three forms:

1. One can print them simply by printing the PDF pages they're on.

2. One can use cut-and-paste operations to snag them as JPGs from the pages
of the Creature Guide Reference Document. Most have widths of 1360 pixels
with varying heights.

3. One can download the original maps in fmp-format and use, edit or
manipulate them in any way desired with Fractal Mapper (TM) 8.

The new Creature Guide offers substantially improved graphics (compared to
the 1st and 2nd edition versions), additional "monsters" and more creature
templates. That makes it possible for a game master to quickly drop useable
versions of new creatures into an adventure.

The 3rd Edition of the Dungeons Daring is a substantial departure from the
first two editions. 3rd Edition is:

. An ability-based game.

. A game that is simpler to run and play than the first two editions
or OGL 3.5 games.

. An RPG that's just about the opposite of OGL 3.5 games.

3rd Edition is completely ability-and-check based. Characters are made by
defining abilities, and the result of actions is determined by ability
checks against opposing checks and difficulty levels. Our playtesters found
that this system works well, runs smoothly and produces good and credible
results with far fewer dice rolls and considerably less math than in most
other RPGs that they know.

For more information and downloading go to:


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