[nbos] [FM8] Dungeons Daring 3E Players Guide Released
"Mark Oliva"
Wed Nov 28th, 2012
This is a non-commercial announcement. The Vintyri (TM) Project is a
non-commercial publisher. All of our work is free. We sell nothing. We're
making this brief announcement here because the new, free product uses maps
made with FM8 and it offers you the original versions of these maps free in
.fmp format, so that you can edit and modify them in FM8.

We're announcing this on only a few mailing lists, because the Game Masters
Guide and the Creature Guide aren't finished yet. We don't want to make a
big noise until all three core books and the introductory adventure module
are done. That's a bit farther down the road yet. But the new, free, 3rd
Edition Dungeons Daring (TM) Players Guide now is available for download.
Because there are various download possibilities, we suggest that you start


... and follow the links from there that interest you.

This new release is a 434-page illustrated and heavily bookmarked PDF. The
bookmarking is more thorough than was the case with the first and second

Third edition is incompatible with 1E and 2E (both of which will continue to
be available) and it also is far removed from OGL 3.5, Pathfinder (R) or
other D&D (R) and AD&D (R) rule sets. Third edition is a rather pure
abilities-and-checks game system. It has no levels, skills, feats, hit
dice, saving throws, experience points, etc. The equivalent of an OGL 3.5
class was a profession in Dungeons Daring 2E. 3E characters do not need a
class or a profession, but a number of professions do remain available as an
option for those who prefer them.

There are two Players Guide download packages, both free and released under
the Open Game License 1.0a:

The standard package gives you the Players Guide PDF, electronic character
sheets and spell lists in formats for OpenOffice.org (TM), LibreOffice.org
(TM) and Microsoft (R) Excel. The PDF contains trademarks and
illustrations* that are not Open Game Content. The text and everything else
in the PDFs are Open Game Content. The electronic character sheets and
spell lists also contain trademarks that are not Open Game Content, although
the remainder of these files are OGC. The freeware program Die Roller also
is included in the zip file (about 55 MB).

The reference document package includes the Players Guide Reference Document
(393 Pages) in .odt format. This is the native format of OpenOffice.org
Writer and LibreOffice.org Writer. Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010 also can
open and edit .odt texts. With free converters from www.microsoft.com
installed, one also can open and edit .odt files in Word 2003. This text is
identical to the PDF book except that the trademarks and closed content
illustrations have been removed. It is both editable and completely Open
Game Content. The package contains the electronic character sheets and
spell lists as well, without trademarks and 100% Open Game Content. The
freeware program Die Roller also is included in the zip file (about 10 MB).

The reference document package is the Open Source version. This gives you
all of the material on a 100% Open Game Content level and in completely
editable form. You can use this package to modify the Dungeons Daring
guidelines to better suit your own campaign goals. You also can use it to
excerpt text elements for your own creations. Or you even can use it to
make all or part of the Dungeons Daring the foundation of your own RPG
system, all without cost or additional licensing.

The final open source element is a download package containing the original
maps used in the Players Guide, also released under the OGL. The maps in
this package are in the .fmp format of Fractal Mapper (TM) 8 from NBOS
Software (http://www.nbos.com). These maps are 100% editable and 100% Open
Game Content. You need FM8 to modify them, but once you have FM8, you can
modify or use the original Dungeons Daring maps in almost any way you wish
for almost any purpose you wish.

* The illustrations that are not Open Game Content are not the intellectual
property of the Vintyri Project. We use these illustrations under license,
but we are not licensed to distribute them as Open Game Content or to
distribute them outside of use as content in our products.

Mark Oliva
Webmaster, the Vintyri Project (TM)
Internet: http://www.vintyri.org <http://www.vintyri.org>
E-Mail: info-at-vintyri.org <mailto:info-at-vintyri.org>
The Vintyri Project is a non-commercial service

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