[nbos] FWEColorGroup(s) etc.
william ramsey
Sun Apr 15th, 2012

Hi, I was wondering if I could get a fuller explanation on setting custom color groups via plugin script. I haven't found reference to anything other than the defaultcolorgroup, and in browsing the database of an old AS2 import, I've noticed that I have a number of them set (under "fwe_color_group") which reference body ids, but in the body table, the "fwe color group" references are all 0. ? The integer values for the colors- how are they translated to/from RGB?

Also, I thought I'd read that the random seed, in conjunction with the color group, can recreate a FWE map (all body aspects unchanged). Is this so?

I haven't managed to save a color group to the db manually (either through program preferences or editing surface map) Am I overlooking something? Is there a way to define a color group via script?

The boolean FALSE in GenerateFWESurfaceMap( secSector, chiChild, false, fc), if set to TRUE, will it still save the map to /Planets (folder doesn't exist)?
I'd like to export my FWE as a bitmap while keeping the surface map colors otherwise intact. (I need a greyscale heightmap and the surface map, separately unfortunately) I'm not sure of a best, streamlined process for doing so.

Any other undocumented function calls?
Any desire to have a searchable Exchange Archive?
Any desire to enable other model formats (.mdl)?

Thanks in advance!
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