Re: [nbos] [A3] Rotating.
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Mon Feb 6th, 2012
At 12:24 PM 2/5/2012, Robert Graham wrote:
>Is there an deasy way to rotate the entire contents of a sector?

This plugin rotates the sector around the Y axis by the selected number of
degrees. You can modify it to work around another axis by changing which
values (x,y,z) you are altering.

#plugin Rotate Sector
#author NBOS
#desc Rotates sector selected degrees

a = 5 * (3.14159 / 180) 'angle in degrees converted to radians

sector = GetCurrentSector()
j = sector.SystemCount
For i = 1 to j
o = sector.GetSystem( i-1)

o.x = (Cos( a) * o.x) - (Sin( a) * o.z)
o.z = (Sin( a) * o.x) + (Cos( a) * o.z)
o.Modified = true

If i mod 1000 = 0 Then
sector.RenderMessageBig = "Updating " & i & " of " & j
End If

sector.RenderMessageBig = ""

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