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"Joe Mays"
Fri Feb 18th, 2011
Was having a problem with IPadPro. Developed an odd little workaround
that I thought others might like to know about.

Let's say I have a variable that contains a strength modifier --
{$strmod}. I want to add this to the number 10 to get a final value --
let's say {$finalval}. So...

{!finalval==10+{$strmod}} would seem straightforward enough. And is,
as long as {$strmod} is a positive number. The thing to remember is
that IpadPro just transliterates the variables and parses the result.
So if it's positive, "2", the above turns into...


... which is fine. But if it's negative, say "-2", the above turns


... which crashes out as an invalid expression. If there's some way to
make this act right I'd like to know, but in the meantime I'm just
working around it with...


... which evalutes to either {!finalval==10+02}or {!finalval==10+0-2},
either of which is valid in IpadPro's rather narrow view of things.

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